4 Important Reasons To Blog For Students And Beginners

4 Important Reasons To Blog For Students And Beginners Twitter

Bloggers can share their knowledge for both the sake of self and more for others, whether it is a traditional blog, microblog, or social blog. Blogging can also be a reflection of the way we take notes or write journals.

4 important reasons to blog for students and beginners:

  1. Record, review, and remind
  2. Self accountability for planning ahead
  3. Organize what we learned
  4. Honing our writing and presentation skill

Record, review, and remind

With a record or reference, we may not review and remind ourselves of our choices and decisions made so far for the reflection of the journey thus far of what was learned. Much like an effective flashcard studying experience, recording our experiences for reviews and reminding us can be a good learning ground on how we may improve.

We should never underestimate or ignore the power of the knowledge and mistakes learned from past experiences. What is important is to change for the better and not insanely repeat and fall for the same pitfalls that do not work. It is very meaningful to blog and help others learn without repeating our mistakes.

An example of this type of personal or lifestyle blog can be where you share daily or regularly what useful stuff you learned today. Such a niche site can also be those with a knack for problem-solving in a particular subject e.g. soundproofing.


Self accountability and planning ahead

Accountability and contemplation of what is working (or not) are important for evaluation for what to do next and how best to move forward. We should access our situation with a clear head from an objective perspective and decide what should be the correct steps to achieve our goals planning ahead.

Short-term evaluation is not about quitting early but continuing or changing our strategies for a consistent long-term goal e.g. blogging. Unlike some business models, blogging can take months before some posts gain traction to reach their peak traffic e.g. 8-9 months.

An accountability or reflection post example can be one of the common Reddit posts below.

Reddit reflection post

Accountability also holds us to do as we said we would.

Blog about what works for you.

Good Passive

Organize what we learned

It is definitely important to organize our thoughts and lessons learned given the exposure to the overwhelming information clutter of modern times. An example can be how we take notes while learning to research for key information and focus on points for blog posts and think to implement how we structure our post information, categories, and tags

This may be more helpful to others than we think. Imagine all the useless information thrown at us every day, and we take the time to filter off and distill for the useful bits left, wouldn’t readers want to look for that?

For example, we may organize our thoughts and writings in the Notion app with subpages, toggles, and templates before publishing directly as a webpage on the Notion platform or transferring everything to a WordPress blog post organized as shown in this post.

Notion information by subpages

In other words, blogging may urge or help us to keep what we learned organized for a useful publishing format.

Honing our writing and presentation skill

Writing and presentation skills are important valuable personal assets that everyone can develop and offer others. Whether to write with a creative flair or incorporate modern media elements into our posts and pages or produce a YouTube video with Keynote, we can learn to improve on writing good and quality content that we and others would like to read and share.

For example, we can improve with engaging good creative writing language and forms with interesting ways to display blog information, and even grammar correction with Grammarly is a learning process!

Poetry for Notion in a post

Is blogging a good business model?

Consistent good blogging with monetization, though not without its risks that can be mitigated with common sense writing safe topics, is a proven business model (case study) many times over.

Like selling products e.g. print on demand or Kindle books, consistent efforts can pay off. IT depends on your interest as well which is important for not burning out as easily.

The major advantage in blogging traffic or profits is the flexibility of how much and how often one can blog, which may explain why it is so popular, and let the search engines (stability of platform) e.g. Google do the crawling and rank (free relevant search impressions marketing) for your site. And we can easily go back and update our sites anytime to improve our blog.

An example of how I blog

  • May take time to learn and research e.g. YouTube (few hours to days depending on topic)
  • Take note on google keep or Notion for main points (half an hour)
  • Perhaps some keyword research with google (5 minutes or less)
  • Headline analizyer (5 minutes or so)
  • Spend time writing and expanding on content with correct sentences and grammar fixes (half to a whole day )
  • Insert screenshots and design images (hour or so)
  • Relevant links insertion (5 minutes or so)
  • Publish amd submit URL to google console, bing, and social media (20 minutes or so)

As you can see, modern blogging is not a fast and straightforward matter, which is why I take half a day to 2 days or so depending on research or testing as well (no out-sourcing or AI-assisted content generation software) for an organic short non-fiction post.

Quick note for this blog on Keep

For example, this post is about why we should blog. And a Google search reveals some titles that anyone can research and write about, which is probably why blogging is trending to students. Notice that the word important appears quite a few times.

Why blog search suggestions
Why blog search suggestions

Following any of the search results may suggest long-tailed keywords which can be effective for faster Google search ranking.

Google search long-tailed results

If one searches for ‘why blog’ and inserts any alphabet from a to z, more results can be displayed for ideas on what to write about!

This post is suitable and relevant to beginners and students, so my title is 4 Important Reasons To Blog For Students And Beginners.

What should we blog about?

Should we blog for a saturated topic?

SEO experts will probably advise against spending time writing for a highly competitive topic. They may be right about not being able to rank for Google’s top search results. However, a bigger picture may reveal a different sentiment.

Various other factors that may matter for writing in a saturated topic niche include:

  1. Post quality with what we believe to be helpful and valuable regardless of what others may think
  2. Relevant writing to build up a new niche, sharing what we can (emphasis) in our means what we know in our experience
  3. Refusal to be disillusioned by excessive SEO tactics
  4. Unexpected questions and answers in a post may be picked by Google for snippets
  5. Simply enjoying blogging out of pure fun and love for others.

Should I plan ahead on what to write for my niche blog?

That depends on individuals. An experienced blogger may advise to come up with titles to write about and later it will be easier to just pick and write.

For my case, I find having a new blog idea to start each day or night before to be working now despite having planned numerous titles for my niche blog. Over-thinking may be counter-productive.

A combination of both may work for some others.


One may think less of a beginner post, but even blogging professionals and prolific writers have to start somewhere.

A major advantage for students to blog is to start early building up a blog for traffic and monetization e.g. Google Adsense and Ezoic. It certainly can become a good passive income source after some months of dedicated writing efforts. Writing can be a tool in how we influence others and ourselves so blog wisely and responsibly.

Blogging is a skill and art.

Good Passive

Some take longer and others fast to come up with a blog post, but their quality, presentation style, and language will differ. It is an art of writing and presentation at the very least, even if the blog theme is a minimalistic one.

Writing what you can now is key.

Good Passive

Done(well) is better than none, even when the post is a short one. It is pointless to chase after big and empty promises of quick riches. Take steps in working hard and blog humbly. Blogging success can be achieved with consistency and perseverance.

Be wholesome.

More Information

Is there a tool to help with headlines?

In writing for a modern blog, we also learn the importance of coming up with attention-grabbing headlines in addition to tags and keyword research. While Headline Analyzer does not help to come up with your blog title, it does help to analyze with a score how it perceives a blog title. Think of it also as a confidence booster.

What blog format may I use?

You may follow the structure in this post for the main points listed near the post top, headings, conclusion, more information, and bolding relevantly. Good use of various headings in descending sizes can be a good way to help structure your post for easier reading.

How many words to write for a blog post?

As long as it takes to deliver the points well. Some will advise for long-form posts in the range of thousands of words e.g 2500 and above. A short post can be 350 words or so.

What is a good size for a WordPress post featured image?

I find the Twitter post canvas size design on the online graphics editor site e.g. piZap to fit nicely for a featured image, plus it works for Twitter posts as well.

What are some tools and resources that may be useful for bloggers?

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