One Proven Way To Come Up With Good Domain Names

One Proven Way To Come Up With Good Domain Names

Why do we need a tool to come up with good domain names?

Coming up with good relevant domain names is hard, at least for me. The ones that I have come up with without an online tool help are either dropped or found unsatisfactory over time. Like myself, you will likely find that most good and short domain names are taken up already.

I have taken a look at other domain name online generator tools as well, however, they seem to fall short of helping individuals like myself register just one good domain name for that purpose.

Granted they may not be perfect or great like some business names, but I have domain names that I am satisfied with e.g., which kind of suits well what I like to blog about.

One proven way to come up with good domain names:


A good advantage of LeanDomainSearch is that it only displays combined words that are usually available for registration immediately. You may want to click that domain name to check if it is still available for registration. This is useful because there are many good domain names that are taken.

LeanDomainSearch individual domain name check

Please note that you still have to come up with at least ONE good relevant and good keyword before LeanDomainSearch will start pairing up with some other words to make them unique. There will be numerous domain names generated and you still have to take the time to find the right one, even with other keywords.

We may sort the domain name results according to length (or popularity and alphabetical) and start with or end with the keywords we entered.

Alternatively, brainstorm for unique names that make your business stands out. That may require some aptitude on your part.

By the way, LeanDomainSearch is owned by Automattic, the very same one that WordPress associates with. Go here to learn more about LeanDomain Search.

Why does LeanDomainSearch work for individual businesses and blogs?

The domain names generated have words that are paired with your keywords that should be examined manually to see which ones are the best or closest fit relevant to your purpose. On the other hand, these domain names may unlikely be chosen by domain hoarders.


LeanDomanSearch may help individual business or blog owners to come up with relevant domain names easier and faster.

Your first search may not turn up your best choice. After a few searches, writing down some possible names, and mixing up some new words while keeping it short enough to be memorable and relevant to your niche can be a good strategy for a good domain name.

It is a proven way to generate acceptable good domain names, at least for me.

Be wholesome.

More Information

Are there any other resources for coming up with good domain names?

Please also adhere to google’s recommendation on how to come up with a good domain name.

Is there a good and cheap domain name registrar?

NameSilo is a transparent domain names registrar with a reasonably flat fee that served me well over the years. Users should not find hidden or sudden unexpected price hikes on NameSilo.

Namecheap is also a popular and cheap domain name registrar.

Both Namecheap and NameSilo also offer cheap hosting renewals.

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