Getting used to sharing what we know or learned is an integral part of blogging.

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Curious about having a business or blog on the web?

Join me on this learning journey including how-to guides on launching your online business and blogging for traffic and profits. Good Passive is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Good Passive is also about sharing what was learned along the way while researching and writing for visitors, perhaps like a docuseries in a blog form.

Good Passive aims to offer wholesome profitable information or guides, geared towards helping new entrepreneurs or beginners to learn and launch their online businesses and blogs starting with preferably free or relatively affordable platforms, software, information, or resources.

What about keyword research?

Good Passive promotes good old-fashioned common sense for the content. Keyword research tools may provide some good ideas for writing content, but Good Passive is currently focused on writing useful content that is worth sharing and reminding the author, rather than predicting what long-tail keywords may rank quick and fast for the first Google search result.

Perhaps unlike what most SEO ‘experts’ may advocate, Good Passive’s philosophy is to keep writing away good content that is helpful and let Google analyze the posts for relevant keywords. Anyway, what will rank well On Google search may not always be what we expect and within our domain of control (including Google algorithm updates over time), but our posts and product creation can be.

Another example is the length of articles. Many will teach and agree that long-form posts tend to be more informative and authoritative. That is true, however useful good content that answers your specific question may not necessarily have to be thousands of words long page. I may prefer short, concise, and relevant good information that answers my simple query than overwhelmingly lengthy posts and videos, and I think you and others would too. That said, Good Passive has various posts length, ranging from three hundred plus to a few thousand words.

Our time is limited, focusing on creating good original works may be better than spending way too much time deliberating on what to create.

Do most start-ups need an e-commerce service or hosting that costs much more than they make?

Probably not. GoodPassive presents feasible guides or information relevant to kickstarting a business or blog and believes in the sensibility of upgrading only when the business volume scales up. But you are most likely required to put in more of your time and effort if doing solo without acquired help.


Hi, I’m S.L., a blogger with some years of experience and a background in computer studies. Though not unfamiliar with computer technologies, the digital landscape grows and changes so much it is hard to keep up. Hopefully, Good Passive will present valuable information that will save you time and help good businesses and blogs succeed quickly.

Thank you for giving Good Passive the opportunity to serve YOU.

Good Passive may be contacted at contactgoodpassive @ gmail.com without the spaces.

Disclaimer of liability: All information and content on Good Passive should be taken as references only. Good Passive assumes no responsibility or liability for your use of the information on Good Passive.

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