How To Submit URL Or Site To Google & More

How To Submit URL Or Site To Google More

Submitting URLs may seem too simple to even write about but more newcomers are using the internet over the years. We all have to start somewhere, right?

How to submit URL or site to Google

  1. Sign up at Google Search Console
  2. Select the correct property (website) on the left
  3. Paste the site URL into the search box above and enter
  4. Click request indexing
  5. Wait while Google Search Console tests URL for indexing before notification

After signing up at Google Search Console, please follow the instructions to add and verify your new property (site).

Submit URL in Google Search Console

Click request indexing for a new URL or for an updated page.

Request Indexing In Google Search Console
Wait while Google Search Console tests URL for indexing
Google Search Console URL test result notification

Please view the below official Google Search Central YouTube video on publisher tools including using Google Search Console and more information including search performance report, Adsense, Analytics, and Site Kit.

How to submit my WordPress site sitemap for search engine crawling and indexing?

For example, a WordPress default sitemap URL may be found at xml. Please test by visiting it out before submitting it.

Below is how an XML sitemap index may look e.g.

GoodPassive Sitemap Index example
Submit an XML sitemap in Google Seach Console

Alternatively or simultaneously, one may install a good XML sitemap WordPress plugin e.g. XML Sitemaps.

XML Sitemaps

What is an alternative search engine for URL submission?

Bing Webmaster is another venue to submit your URL. Like Google Search Console, Sitemaps (click on the left) can also be submitted with the correct property (website) selected.

Bing Webmaster Tools for URL Submission

What other useful features are there on Google Search Console?

Manual Actions, Security Issues, and Core Web Vitals may help to reveal what are the critical problems or issues on your site.

Manual Actions, Security Issues, and Core Web Vitals

Google Search Console also displays the performance of your site in terms of clicks and impressions traffic. Comparing current traffic and 28 days ago may provide actionable insights to improving your site as shown below in the video.

Also, it may be a good idea to set international targeting e.g. United States under Legacy Tools and Report.

Legacy Tools and reports
Set International Targeting

More Information

Is there an official Google search videos channel for learning more?

Please visit or subscribe to Google Search Central YouTube.

What to do if my site is penalized?

Please watch and follow the steps in the video according to the Official Google Search Central below.

What are other common useful and convenient features from Google?

Google owns the .new domain (TechRepublic). That means that we can quickly access the following URLs for your Google account:

  1. – create a new Google doc
  2. – create a new Google Keep note
  3. – create a new Google Calendar event
  4. – create a new Google sheet
  5. – create a new Google presentation
  6. – create a new Google form
  7. – create a new Google site or site post

And the .new service extends beyond Google services, for example:


Visit to learn more about this shortcut service. Here for a long or complete list of the .new shortcuts.

Note: Did you know that the new Google site also allows embeds?

Google Site Custom Domain
Google site post insert options

Anyone can register for a .new domain at but the pricing is high e.g. more than $480 annually.

How to increase my site traffic with social media?

Post To Many Social Media At Once For Free recommends tested social media management tools for reaching out to more viewers across different platforms.

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