5 Good Google Fonts For Your Businesses And Blogs

5 Good Google Fonts For Your Businesses And Blogs

Getting the right font for businesses and blogs is just a part (or a subtle one) of getting a good WordPress site up, nevertheless, it can matter if readers or visitors are turned off by the inappropriate or weird font that conveys a certain wrong sentiment of your blog.

5 Good Google Fonts For Your Businesses And Blogs

5 good Google fonts for your businesses and blogs:

  1. Bree Serif (Recommended)
  2. Roboto Slab
  3. Atma
  4. Special Elite
  5. Rock Salt

Criteria of a good font for business or blog:

  1. Clear and readable
  2. Relevant to that business or niche or blog
  3. Preferably open source or free for both personal and commercial use

Bree Serif

Why Google font Bree Serif? It is clear and readable: The density, spacing, and size of the words are just right for clarity and excellent for the purpose of reading. Bree Serif is a good general modern font that can work on most or all blogs categories.

Bree Serif

Roboto Slab

Why Google font Roboto Slab? A good next alternative is Roboto Slab. It is a little more spaced out than Bree Serif and lighter in darkness, which is why Bree Serif can be better for reading but still a well-readable font.

Roboto Slab


Why Google font Atma? Atma is a more unique font suited for certain categories or purposes e.g. Educational fun. It is also clear and readable with a twist of a hint at handwritten creativity.


Special Elite

Why Google font Special Elite? It looks much or exactly like the typewriter font. It adds the right classic feel of a typed-out document.

Special Elite

Rock Salt

Why Google font Rock Salt? Rock Salt is an eye-catching font with a flair for attention. It can work well for posters, banners, or featured images of blog posts. However, it is not suitable for general reading.

Rock Salt


Bree Serif is a good general font for most or all purposes of reading clarity.

Roboto Slab is a close alternative to Bree Serif for a lighter text.

Atma adds a fun twist to a handwritten-like font that looks well for relevant niches.

Special Elite is a good mimic of the traditional typewriting font.

Rock Salt is an attention-grabbing font that fits well for blog featured images.

Good luck in your wholesome business and blog endeavors.

More Information

How to install Google font for Mac?

Go to the font on the Google font site, and click Download family. Double-clip to open the zip file and double click the TTF extension file and start installing on Mac. After installation, the font should be available to Mac apps e.g. Affinity Designer.

Bree Serif on Google Font

How to use Google Fonts for a WordPress blog?

Some themes have Google Fonts integration built-in e.g. Blocksy, go to Customize->Typography and change the fonts accordingly. Read here for 2 other ways.

How to easily apply Rock Salt fonts to images?

An easy way is Stencil.

Stencil Example

Please note there is a limitation of saving 10 images per month for a free account.

Is there a creative and easy way for text design?

Head over to Typeslab.com for typographic posters creation.

Typeslab example
A Typeslab text design example
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