Free Good Way To Design Logo And Favicon Fast

Free Good Way To Design Logo And Favicon Fast

I found and tested one good resource for website logos and favicon design – fast, customizable, and free for commercial use as well. It is an excellent choice for individuals who prefer to quickly kickstart and write good content rather than spending much time designing their own logos.

Free Good Way To Design Logo And Favicon Fast
Free Good Way To Design Logo And Favicon Fast

A free good way to design a logo and favicon fast:

  • FreeLogoDesign

FreeLogoDesign is simple, free, and quick with tons of ready-made logos for your choosing and customization. The logos are public, but not exclusive, and can be customized to be uniquely yours.

Advantages of FreeLogoDesign:

  • Free (, Facebook logo, email signature) and online
  • Quick and productive platform to design logo fast for download
  • Ready-made logos of different categories
  • Save different logos design
  • Logos can be customized with shapes, another logo, curved text, and so on

Disadvantages of FreeLogoDesign:

  • Exported free PNG background may not be transparent
  • Add logo to existing design may not work

How to create a logo on FreeDesignLogo?

Start from FreeDesignLogo. It is easy.


Sign up (optional but you can save your logos) or enter your company name to start right away. Browse through their catalog of ready-made designs and select one to continue.

Start From A Ready made Logo
Start From A Ready-made Logo

Selecting a relevant category on the left may help you find the right one faster.

Select from the relevant category

Start customizing. The interface has what you need to make basic changes, flip, duplicate, colors, and even add more icons, shapes, or other logos. And curved text functionality is also available as shown below.

Many icons are available for your choosing as well. For example, wave icons.

Icons – wave examples

After customization, click download for free.

Note: You may want to set the background of the logo to the same one as your website background color before downloading it for free.

Download for free

Can FreeDesignLogo’s logo be used as a favicon?

Absolutely. I tested it to be working on WordPress. You may edit your FreeDesignLogo to remove your company name and re-download it for your favicon use.

Is FreeDesignLogo free to use?

According to their FAQ, it depends on our needs so the website, Facebook logo, and email are fine. Professional purposes such as business cards and a store window should be premium.

The high-resolution package cost $59 and the premium package is $85.


FreeLogoDesign is a free and quick way to get a free logo and favicon done. It is also a good idea for a temporary logo while deciding on or working on a better one.

Other good and free alternatives to designing logos ourselves can be Canva and Keynote (many shapes available).

Be wholesome.

More Information

What is the logo size generated for free download on FreeLogoDesign?

200x200px for the free version. High resolution 5000x5000px PNG download is available with purchase.

What can be an alternative to FreeLogoDesign?

LogoMakr. Their logos may offer a different feel or style that some may prefer. However, they do require attribution and other conditions for free downloads.

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