What of Blogging After A.I.?

Blogging and A.I.
The importance of choosing the right platform for good passive income

Previously I have written extensively and recommended blogging as a good passive income stream.

Unfortunately, things have changed quite a bit the last few years. In particular, I am not in favor of how the blogging landscape have become with search engines. In fact, the search results have dwindled to a pitiful state.

Admittedly, I have not posted for a long time since my last post, but I certainly cannot vouch for a passive income stream when it is far from it it. Perhaps, blogging may still work if you are actively blogging (active income) or fortunate enough to blog on an evergreen niche with few competition.

But I have to say, the big drop in traffic may have to do with incorporating A.I. into the search landscape by the search companies. It is entirely possible to unethically (big NO) build blogs mainly with A.I. writing and posts creation.

A.I. builds on existing public and copyrighted works without explicit permission for commercial use. If someone is ‘dedicated’ to taking your hard work and create new spins to capitalize and profit on it without a single cent of compensation to you, are you fine with that??

Stealing comes in many forms and shapes. What we do to others will be done to us. Be warned.

My recommendation is to find a trustworthy and ethical platform/s that support original writing or artwork. Sadly, unethical A.I. use seem to have infiltrated most if not all platforms to different extent of degrees.

We can only hope the platform/s we have chosen will stay steadfast in being right morally and fairly.

You probably have seen some YouTube videos that also talks about how blogging traffic have diminished drastically around the rise of A.I. e.g. 2021.

Is there a solution to this? I am not sure if it is even worth going down that road or the connected pathways. Like what? Like these mentioned adaptations by an incomeschool video.


I recommend going for platforms that are not or least affected by A.I., like stuffs that is difficult or impossible to be faked by A.I.

It can be a well-written book or hand drawn adult coloring book or something like these.

Be good and good luck.

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