How To Build Organic Traffic To Your Blog Website

How To Build Organic Traffic To Your Blog Website

This is probably going to be one of the most important posts on Good Passive. Based on experience and research, I believe these free and organic (not paid) traffic sources can be best suited for blog sites. There are many other social media networks out there, and they definitely can work for some people with particular aptitudes and content creation talent. I find or believe these to be authentic organic ways of effectively driving traffic to your blogs.

How to build organic traffic to your blog website

  • Google Search
  • Quora
  • YouTube

Why do I choose these 3 traffic sources to drive traffic for blog sites?

I tested or researched different ways to drive traffic, including Google Search, Bing, Facebook page, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, Flickr, Instagram, Medium, Tumblr, Mastodon, VK, and Plurk. Due to time constraints, I did not put as much energy into every social media test.

But some are completely void of views, have poor results despite efforts over time, or are unfriendly to blog sites. For example, Instagram posts do not allow active hyperlinks.

Google Search

This is the most common way bloggers earn from organic traffic. And produce one of the steadiest income streams I know for blogging.

Like all business ventures, there are risks. But bloggers can mitigate these risks (e.g. penalized by search engine algorithm updates) simply by following some common-sense rules e.g. writing high quality and original content safe for the public eyes.

A good example is YMYL (your-money-your-life) sites that Google stated to have very high Page Quality standards. More information on E-A-T and YMYL is here.

It is important that modern new bloggers should niche down and write long-tail keywords to avoid over-saturated competitive markets for a higher success rate.

Example of a blog's search engine organic search impressions growth over about half a year.
Example of a blog’s search engine organic search impressions growth over about half a year.

What are some resources to help beginners start to blog?


I learned about organic traffic with Quora from a YouTuber, and it actually works.

However, please note that Quora is not meant for spamming but as a platform to provide value and meaningful answers to questions. Answers should be natural and helpful. Start by answering new questions with good content without any affiliate and self-promoting links. Or look for questions with a high number of followers e.g. What are the most followed questions on Quora?

How fast can we see organic Quora traffic?

Pretty fast, we can see rising traffic stats in hours or the next day! And faster than the Google search engine. For example, below is a daily stat for a Quora account that I started by answering more questions only a few days earlier.

Quora fast traffic example
Quora fast answer traffic views example

The beauty of Quora traffic is the speed and the potential to keep generating traffic steadily for future years to come.

To capitalize on monetization for Quora, or any social media for that matter, we should have professional landing pages or posts to promote that can be inserted as relevant links into the Quora answers.

Bear in mind the above stats graph is for answers views. Marketing is a numbers game. And so is Quora traffic to the website. Naturally, we just have to write better and more appealing content for others to notice.

How to write better Quora answers?

Other than researched quality and creative information, include graphics components for eye candy and break down the answers into shorter sentences with headings for reading ease.

The power of Google searchable Quora questions

I also learned and verified that some Quora questions can be searched and ranked well on Google results. That means answers we write for Google ranked Quora questions will benefit from Google searches as well!

Did you know you can create a Quora Space for posting content and build a community?

Good Passive
Click the Home icon, and Create Space to create a Quora Space
Click the Home icon, and Create Space to create a Quora Space

An example of a Quora Space is


YouTube can be a good traffic source for blog websites. From what I gathered YouTube can be a boost for short-term fast traffic. However, it may appear to be less consistent than Google Search and Quora traffic. Perhaps like good blog content that may gain ranking authority over time, YouTube may favor regular and recent videos released?

Another factor to consider is the amount of time spent on video creation. It is time-consuming and requires a very different skill set for quality video production. There is only so much time solo bloggers can have for research and writing. You have to decide if your time is better spent on writing another blog post or creating video content.

There are different ways bloggers can create YouTube videos including blog posts, quick faceless inspirational, and informational slides.

Below is an example of a quick inspirational faceless YouTube video created with Flexclip.


Google Search for organic traffic is the baseline for most website bloggers. It will take time to see results, typically weeks to some months before traffic will peak.

Quora is surprisingly good as a fast traffic question-and-answer views platform fitting for bloggers. Quora can be gratifyingly encouraging with fast results.

I am on the fence with YouTube for blog traffic. While popular video traffic can be considerable, the process of good video creation can be an arduous affair for writing bloggers. It can still be a good choice for those interested and apt at video creation.

Be wholesome.

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