YouTube: Good Resource For Your Next Blog Post Guide (Example Included)

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I have noticed that YouTube has grown and evolved even more over the years. Not only does the number of videos keep increasing but it has become a hotspot for more quality professional video creation as well that some even surpasses paid video resources elsewhere.

How to use YouTube as a good resource for your next blog post

  • Useful or interesting title and content (Recommended)
  • How we may improve or what was lacking or missing in the video (Recommended)
  • Number of views and likes
  • Relevant comments to see how engaged are the users

Useful or interesting title and content

What looks interesting to us may also appear so to others. Focusing on good content can be an uphill or arduous task while screening through tons of videos but good ideas can spark off even from just one good point in an average YouTube video.

Informational or technical videos tend to be more useful when using this YouTube approach for new blog idea spin-offs. That includes how-tos, guides, tutorials on various subjects including coding, art design, and so on.

An idea for a good blog post can also be simplifying a complex topic e.g. Google Analytics or Python programming, to only the basics that are actionable and useful for beginners. If you are adept at understanding complicated stuff and summarizing it into beneficial points with some testing and evaluation, then presenting them in a good blog content format with your unique perspective can also be a valuable skill to develop.

Interesting titles related to your niche can be anything new to you or previously not considered before. The best ones can be those that the YouTube creators have spent weeks or months using that product, service, or technique before presenting their findings and experience. That can mean it is worth our time to research and evaluate before blogging about it.

Please note that the point is to get one or a few ideas to begin our research for good content and not to copy down everything we watch on the video for blogging. Sometimes, just the title of the video is really good enough to kickstart a good blog post idea.

Good videos can be short but the gist of the quality information shared can be expanded with details to a longer post.

Let us take the topic of green tea for example. Just a simple search result for green tea may reveal what most people are interested in related to this topic:

  • Benefits
  • 30 days
  • Finding best green tea and avoiding dangers
  • Burns fat more that coffee
  • Weight loss and inflammation
  • Best time to drink
  • How much green tea to drink per day
  • Stop drinking hot coffee and tea
  • Buying tea at grocery store – what to buy and avoid
YouTube Green Tea Results

If you are a green tea enthusiast, any number of points in just any video will strike a chord with you.

Can you take one two points that interest you and take it furthur?

Good Passive

Note: Some YouTube videos information (unverified by professionals) should be taken with a grain of salt.

How we may improve or what was lacking or missing in the video

  • Is there a problem that you can address or fix in the video?
  • Can we do better with another solution?
  • Do we have other related ideas while watching the video?
  • Can we accomplish the same alternatively?

The right simple questions may lead to valuable discoveries and even a whole new niche topic itself.

Let us continue the green tea example above to see if we can improve the content with group tests and factual testimonials?

  • What if we gather some people to do a Replace-Coffee-With-Green-Tea-7-Days-Challenge and publish the findings as a blog content and video?
  • What if we offer green tea to college students for a week to find out if their focus and concentration improved?
  • What if we do spaced clinical blood tests periods for green tea drinking with lab interns, nurses, and doctors?
  • What if we do a Green-Tea-With-One-Superfood-Combo-30-days-Challenge?

Number of views and likes

A high number of views and likes (Filter->Sort by-> view count or rating) may be a good indication of traffic attraction for that video topic. However, this is not a very accurate meter for good content. That video may be paid to be promoted or more clickbait (avoid) in nature than informational.

YouTube Filters

The videos that turned up in these different search filters may be different from relevant searches and offer us more insights and ideas for blogging as well.

YouTube Green Tea Filter View Count

Note: I tend to steer clear of videos with titles or featured images that make promises or claims that are simply too good to be true or get-rich-quick schemes e.g How to earn $300 a day easy.

Relevant comments to see how engaged are the users

Good videos tend to have many thankful users who leave meaningful comments. Good videos may have more viewers agreeing with comments, especially those that are backed with science.

It is possible to have a good blogging idea from a relevant comment too. Take note of comments with high numbers of thumbs-ups.

One of YouTube green tea video comments

Two of the comments mentioned weight loss due to green tea. What if we gather some people who want to lose weight to do a little green tea drinking experiment safely and publish the result details in a blog?

YouTube for SEO and keyword research

Probably some relevant and popular YouTube videos may be a good indication of good SEO research or search traffic. However, I value search intent more than mindless keyword research; YouTube and search engines are built to serve people, not the other way round. If a blogger writes good valuable content that people want to read, then the search traffic should follow.

For example, whether your blog idea prompt is a popular Reddit question or a magazine “submit website to search engine” article, people are looking for these answers. If you are googling or asking a sensible question, chances are someone will be asking too.

As mentioned above, even the YouTube video title itself can be good enough for what to blog about next, regardless of whether the video content is top-notch or not!

From my blogging experience, the topics of the posts for my niche that rank best did not turn up in any keyword research tools, at least not in an obvious way.

The goal is to write what you would want read or far exceed even your own expectations.

Good Passive

Why use YouTube as a resource for blog inspirational ideas?

Some good YouTube videos are not only professionally shot and edited, but the information is well-researched and presented. Bloggers can learn as well as improve upon or spin off with new creative ideas.

Disadvantages of YouTube for blogging ideas

Not all videos are of quality informational value or may be suitable for blogging content.

Some viral videos’ popularity may be attributed to reasons more than the valuable content itself e.g. the presenter is charismatic or famous.

You have to spend time searching, filtering, and looking for good video content worth your time watching.

It may be time-consuming especially when the video length is long and the relevant information we seek is limited. Also, the number of videos information that piqued our interest or is relevant to our topic may be too overwhelming.

Watching YouTube can be distracting with recommendations for irrelevant video content.


With the wealth of quality video information on YouTube, there is little to limit original blog content creators to get inspirations and ideas on what to blog about next. That said, please do not simply steal or plagiarise YouTube content, but get ideas to research and improve before publishing.

Inspirational blogging ideas based on usefulness and improvements to YouTube videos make good sense and are thus recommended. While video views and engagements may have an increased mix of emotional responses irrelevant to blogging ideas.

There are some disadvantages to using YouTube videos for blogging inspirational ideas. As long as you stay steadfast on your focus and do not fall for misleading or low-quality content video, the benefits derived from good YouTube videos can far outweigh the drawbacks for bloggers who learn, research and creatively improve their blog content.

My recommendation for writing your next post is to focus on writing useful and good content that is unique and people may not find elsewhere, the kind of researched quality content that you would want to read. That applies to YouTube videos for watching or ideas filtering as well.

Finding out what people are interested in may not be difficult at all with YouTube, the next question is: Will You Spend The Time And Effort In Researching And Testing To Take It To The Next Level?

More Information

Are there other related YouTube and blogging resources?

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