Choose The Right Platform For Passive Income Source

Be ethical

This post is on the importance of choosing the right platform for good passive income.

Previously I have written extensively and recommended blogging as a good passive income stream.

Unfortunately, things have changed the last few years. In particular, I am not in favor of how non passive blogging traffic and earnings have become with a search engine.

Admittedly, I have not posted for some time since my last post, but I certainly cannot vouch for a good passive income stream when it is far from it. Blogging can still work if you are actively blogging (active income) or fortunate enough to blog on an evergreen niche with few competition. Then again, evergreen may not really be as evergreen as thought to be.

I have to say, the big drop in traffic may have to do with how search engine/s how come to adopt or accept or incorporate A.I. into the search landscape by the search companies. It is entirely possible to unethically (big NO) to build blogs mainly with A.I. writing and posts creation.

It is a big NO because A.I. builds on existing public (legal public domain works excluded) and copyrighted works without explicit permission for commercial use. If someone is ‘dedicated’ to taking your hard work and create a new spin to capitalize and profit on it without a single cent of compensation to you, are you fine with that?? Not just with writings and literature works, but with visual artwork – it is so serious that people will openly share how easily they exploit the hard work of others with A.I in so many different ways it is deplorably appalling.

Stealing comes in many forms and shapes. What we do to others will be done to us. Be warned.

My recommendation is to find a trustworthy and ethical platform/s that support original writing or artwork. Sadly, unethical A.I. use seem to have infiltrated most if not all platforms to different extent of degrees.

We can only hope the platform/s we have chosen will stay steadfast in being right moral and fair.

Why choosing the right platform for earning online passive income can matter?

Well, if you support a platform that openly allows stealing for modifying to sell, it may be your turn next to be victimized. Why even bother waste time and effort to build an unsustainable and immoral or illegal business model??

Look at it this way: If all commercial platforms or sites simply allow massive plagiarism or unauthorized copying for modification, then how will original authors and artists sell or compete?

What are some ideas to help choose the right platform?

It may not be difficult at all. Some simple searches will display results of what is the company or platform stand on upholding copyrights and A.I. use. Long-time businesses may be our best shot for an ethically reliable platform.

Be wholesome and kind.

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