invideo: Free & Easy Way To Convert Posts For YouTube

invideo Free Easy Way To Convert Posts For YouTube

YouTube is certainly one if not the best way to generate lots of quick and fast views traffic. The main drawback for bloggers is that video creation is not as simple and easy for some. And invideo may help or at least assist in some part to address this problem.

A Good Passive rudimentary post-to-video created with invideo. Watch it on YouTube here.

invideo: free and easy way to convert posts for YouTube

  • Sign up at
  • Select Text to video, video size (use default), and then any of the tons of templates of your liking
  • Select option 2, paste the post URL with auto-suggest enabled and click Fetch
  • Click auto-summarize. Edit and delete the scenes. Click Go To Storyboard once done.
  • At the storyboard editor, we may upload a logo to apply to the video, upload images to add to the scenes, edit sentences, add or delete scenes, arrange scenes sequence, and then download it. We can even search and add short video clips!
  • Optional: More editing options can be done from the Advanced editor (top of storyboard editor)
  • Wait for rendering to finish and receive an email notification.

Note: Music is added and changes saved automatically.

invideo convert blog post to video
invideo convert blog post to video
Use this template
Use this template
Add blog post URL and click Fetch
Add blog post URL and click Fetch
Auto summarize
Auto summarize
Edit or delete scenes. Then click go to Storyboard
Edit or delete scenes. Then click Go To Storyboard
Advice to keep script less than 30 sentences.
Advice to keep the script less than 30 sentences.

Remember that we can also search and add video clips by clicking the Video icon on the far left.

Storyboard editor
invideo storyboard editor

Rendering a video can be done in just seconds or minutes.

Waiting for invideo to render and notify
Waiting for invideo to render and email notify

Optional: We can create a simple video this way just like the uploaded YoutTube example above. However, more professional videos may require more finesse than that. This is where the advanced editor at the top of the storyboard editor comes in.

invideo advanced editor
invideo advanced editor

How fast can I create an invideo video from a blog post?

With invideo, I signed up, created a basic video less than 4 minutes in length in about an hour or two, and took another 30 minutes to an hour for some slight improvements before downloading the video again.

Another 2-3 hours of coming up with the description, uploading it to YouTube, and designing the thumbnail in Canva.

About 4-5 hours on a short video on my first invideo attempt. You are likely to be better than me at this.

With experience and probably a better internet connection, the time can be shorter and the video quality improved.

What are the advantages of invideo?

invideo can quickly generate a video from pre-made templates (5000+) and a URL blog post for customization. It is useful to have a basic structure so we can edit and add more images.

Music is automatically applied. Or we can also use YouTube’s free music selection after uploading. All changes are saved quickly.

The storyboard editor is straightforward and intuitive.

The free account can add up to 50 scenes, but we can keep it short to less than 3 minutes.

There is also an automated text to speech feature, 3M+ media, and allows 40 minutes of video duration. And all these for free. The upgrade is $15 per month.

What are the limitations of a free invideo account?

There will be an invideo watermark according to invideo, but I do not seem to see it in the video uploaded to YouTube. And a 50 scenes limit.

How to create a slides video from my blog post with a desktop app?

How To Use Keynote To Create A YouTube Video.

How good is invideo?

Truspilot rates invideo at 4.3. A close alternative Lumen5 is rated at 3.9.

Why is YouTube important to blogs?

According to Vstat, YouTube has about 35.1B visits per month. Viral videos can refer traffic to blogs. YouTube accounts that meet certain conditions can be monetized with Adsense as well.

Vstat for YouTube
Vstat for YouTube

What are the disadvantages of invideo?

Depending on your computer, it may be slow at times with high memory consumption to load and work on a video from a webpage. Also, I have not fully researched how YouTube may act toward common invideo media on their platform in the future.


invideo can be an excellent fit for microbloggers’ short post content and YouTube video creators who do not wish to show their face or speak their own voice. We can produce YouTube videos with certain general niches that are available with invideo media.

My second attempt to create an invideo video seemed to improve with better and more varied auto-suggested images. The nature of the topic for video creation clearly matters.

If you are willing to invest more time and energy, Keynote can also create videos for YouTube.

invideo has indeed simplified the video creation process for blogs. The upgrade plan can be worth it for those who spend significant time with invideo.

In hindsight, I recommend video creators take advantage by adding any relevant quality video clips listed in the invideo video search to improve viewers’ experience.

Professional video creators may improve with the advanced editor and upgrade to access 1M+ premium media in addition to the free account’s 3M+ Standard media.

Be wholesome.

More information

What is an alternative to invideo?

Lumen5 is also a popular option. Keynote or most modern slideshow software.

How popular is invideo?

According to Vstat, it has about 3.42 million visits per month.

invideo popularity
invideo popularity

How to shorten my URL for videos?

Rebrandly: Good URL Shortener With Stats For Social Sharing

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