wpForo: How To Create A Forum With WordPress Quickly

wpForo How To Create A Forum With WordPress Quickly

Creating a place of value with an active discussion forum can be gratifying. Or we can monetize a high-traffic forum for good passive income. Creating a forum in WordPress quickly can be useful, but, like Creating A Free Online Tool Site To Make Money, we will need to invest time and energy in posting, moderating, and promoting it for success.

wpForo: How to create a forum with WordPress quickly

Requirement: Basic WordPress experience with knowledge of plugin installation

wpForo is currently one of the highly-rated popular WordPress forum plugins. Users can quickly deploy a forum on WordPress in minutes. Yet it is also a powerful forum with many options available, and importantly the option to run ads for potential monetization.

Head over to your WordPress plugins and click add a new plugin, search, install, and activate wpForo. Your forum will then be installed to your-website-address.com/community, and this can be changed.

wpForo Dashboard
wpForo Dashboard

This is how the slash community page looks right after installation.

wpForo community page top
wpForo community page top
wpForo community page top bottom
wpForo community page top bottom

Creating a sub-forum is also easy starting with the Admin control panel on the community page itself.

wpForo Create Forums
wpForo Create Forums
wpForo new child forum
wpForo new child forum

Below is an example of creating a topic.

wpForo create new topic example
wpForo create a new topic example
wpForo first topic view
wpForo’s first topic view

Changing the color styles can be done with a few clicks.

wpForo Setting and Styles
wpForo Setting and Styles
wpForo dark theme
wpForo dark theme

wpForo Ads Manager pricing starts from $20, which is quite reasonable considering a site with good traffic can earn much more with advertisements.

Benefits of wpForo

  • Free
  • Modern outlook
  • Fast and easy forum installation and deployment
  • Advanced options and settings are available
  • A professional-looking website with support
  • Add-ons including Ads Manager (paid)

Why create a WordPress forum?

  • Control and flexibility in customizing and running the forum
  • Option to monetize it in any appropriate way e.g. Adsense
  • Easy to deploy for existing self-hosted WordPress users


wpForo is a professional WordPress forum with advanced settings and add-ons including Ads Manager that is user-friendly to install and deployed quickly.

We can create a forum of our choice, but it is how we run it that matters.

Good Passive

There are popular forums that allow all sorts of discussion topics for debate, including those questionable in nature. Running a decent and successful forum in certain popular niches will need ongoing efforts to moderate.

Running a forum may not be for everyone but it can be a lucrative business if done right.

Be wholesome.

More Information

How to create a forum easily for free?

There are many existing forums and sites that can create our own topics or spaces for discussions. They include:

How to make money from Adsense websites?

According to Google Adsense, there are basically 3 types of quality Adsense earning sites: Blogs, free online tools, and forums.

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