FlexClip: Free And Intuitively Easy YouTube Web Video Creator

FlexClip Free And Intuitively Easy YouTube Web Video Creator

I discovered FlexClip and found it to be a breeze to use. FlexClip can create videos from scratch for any purpose, not just YouTube. For this example, let us explore how FlexClip can quickly export a basic YouTube video.

Example YouTube video created with FlexClip

Benefits of FlexClip:

  • Intuitively easy to use
  • Seems to load well for use without stalling
  • Free with reasonable limitations
  • Exports to YouTube directly
  • Lots of templates
  • Stock photos
  • Affordable upgrades compared to some alternatives starting from $5.99/mo annual plan
  • Like invideo, users can create faceless YouTube videos

I also like thatFlexClip music automatically fades in and out. for the videos made.

Short FlexClip Tutorial

How to create a FlexClip YouTube video?

Sign up for a free account at FlexClip.

Then click Create -> YouTube Video

FlexClip Create YouTube Video
FlexClip Create YouTube Video
Make A Free YouTube Video
Make A Free YouTube Video
Select a FlexClip template
Select a FlexClip template
Click Customize
Click Customize
Select Timeline Mode
Select Timeline Mode
FlexClip Dashboard 1
FlexClip Dashboard

We can also select one of the inserted photos and change the animation type e.g. Zoom In, and apply it for all the scenes. This can look more professional to viewers.

Select Animation type for photo
Select Animation type for photo

Another FlexClip feature is to insert a stock video. This can make a difference in a better video production.

Insert a pre made video clip
Insert a pre-made stock video clip

Once ready we can click export. Clearly, professional video creators will upgrade for higher quality.

Free export without Branding
Free export without Branding

Wait a while for the video to finish processing. We also get a free link or embed code for use.

Sharing options
Sharing options

Another advantage of FlexClip is to share or upload and publish the video directly from FlexClip.

Share to YouTube directly
Share to YouTube directly

A YouTube link will also be provided for easy access.

FlexCip video shared to YouTube successfully with published link
FlexClip video shared to YouTube successfully with published link

Limitations of FlexClip free plan:

  • 60 seconds
  • 480p SD download
  • 12 projects maximum
  • 1 stock video per project
  • 3 background removal credits

Branding watermark can be done with a paid plan. However, YouTube can apply watermarks on our videos for free.

Where to get royalty-free music for YouTube videos?

If FlexClip music selection does not work out, we can always download music royalty-free music e.g mixit, or apply copyright-free music from YouTube music selection in YouTube Studio after uploading.


Convenience is a big selling point for me. Like Canva and Google Keep, FlexClip may be the one for web video creation. Despite the free limitations, casual YouTubers can still take advantage of its ease to create videos e.g. faceless YouTube videos. Video-making beginners may start with FlexClip free plan, and upgrade later with more experience and proficiency.

At an affordable price plan, FlexClip can be an excellent choice for making short videos or meant for looping. On the other hand, invideo has fewer limitations and possibly more media at a higher price plan, almost 3X more.

Both FlexClip and invideo can be decent video creation resources. With web video tools such as these, any internet user may create YouTube videos for uploading with ease!

Be wholesome.

More Information

What are the benefits of the FlexClip subscription plan?

FlexClip pricing
FlexClip pricing

In comparison to invideo (invideo: Free & Easy Way To Convert Posts For YouTube), FlexClip is lesser but so does the features offered.

invideo pricing
invideo pricing

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