How To Leverage The Power Of Social Blog & Microblog

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Being productive can be focusing on mini-projects that we can finish up in a shorter time. We may read and resonate with some YouTube comments that the speaker should get to the point. Productive people look for quick information that answers their search intent.

YouTube Comment on getting to the point

How to leverage the power of social blog and microblog

  • Social blog and tweet with Typeshare
  • Microblog with WordPress

Why should we social blog and microblog?

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  • Easier to achieve consistency
  • Option to improve and add on more information later on
  • Quality can come in various forms and shapes
  • Easier to get mini projects done and overcome procrastination
  • People just want the answers to their specific questions
  • May serve as quick reminders to self and others

Never underestimate the power of microblogging and social blogging. Even shorts like YouTube Shorts and Google Web Stories can make an impact over time. Short projects can help us to be consistent, and we can achieve results when we are consistent with putting in our efforts.

Done (well) is better than none.

Good Passive on social blogging and microblogging
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A good reason to social blog or microblog is to get things done when we have limited time to spare. We may be busy with other commitments or activities that require hours daily so we have to make do with what little time we have left to blog or share. Any useful knowledge learned every day can be shared with others easily in a short write-up, even while traveling on a train or subway.

Why Twitter for microblogging or social blogging?

Interestingly, Twitter is a popular platform where people who share short and interesting or useful content may thrive well. You may be interested in Is Twitter still popular and worth it? where comparisons are made.

Social blog and tweet with Typeshare

Not only (free) can help us to write atomic essays (screenshot of a 250-word single-idea writing) and post on the Typeshare platform, but also share out our writings as a clean visual screenshot in a tweet or help us to schedule Twitter threads (related succession tweets) easily. Publishing to Medium is also an option.

Here is an example of how an atomic essay Tweet may look.

Atomic essay tweet example

Typeshare has more templates (13 including 5 free) to help us start writing.

TypeShare create options

Below is a quick video demo guide from the Typeshare creator.

A longer and more hands-on detailed video on Typeshare can be found here.

The disadvantages of TypeShare may include an unstable Twitter connection (downloading images to manually tweet is still possible) and no built-in ads monetization option.

What other ways are there to help schedule Tweets?


Microblog with WordPress

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What are the benefits of microblogging with WordPress?

  • WordPress is a stable and mature platform for blogging or microblogging as well
  • Bloggers and writers can apply Google Adsense for monetizing their websites anytime
  • WordPress site owners have control over their domain name and site content, and are not overly dependent on one single blogging site platform service
  • Easily integrate Google Analytics to view site traffic stats
  • Possible to display featured images in cards on the homepage to attract readers’ attention
  • Content is organized and can be easily searchable
WordPress Cards Display on Good Passive

A disadvantage with self-hosted WordPress microblogs can be the time and effort invested to maintain and troubleshoot a WordPress site. Blogger need to share to social media for social traffic.

Where and how to start microblogging with WordPress?

Remember even a useful sentence is much better than a thousand useless words.

What have I learned today? (Any good information that can help others)

Good Passive on microblogging

Social Blogging Vs WordPress Microblogging

Compared to social blogs, I believe microblogs is better because it is search engine friendly. Blog web traffic is mostly fresh new clicks from Google searches so there is no absolute need to build a signup group of followers for monetary success e.g. ads monetization.

Tweets can reach out to a lot of people quickly too to build an audience with certain content but they are short-lived yet having a huge number of followers is practically free targeted marketing from there onwards. Consistent tweeting can also be taxing on our time and arduous especially if they are not gratifying or paying off.


A good idea is to get the more important task or stuff done or understood first before everything else. More often than we expected, we mistook, misunderstood, sidetracked, focused on the secondary or even inconsequential details, and neglected the most important point or purpose in life till it is too late.

Share useful stuffs.

Good Passive

We may choose to microblog because of time constraints, whether it is Typeshare, WordPress, or YouTube Shorts, do what you can one thing at a time. Even a good blog with over 100 short posts should generate substantial visitor traffic as well.

However, it is of utmost importance to take frequent breaks from all the hustles and bustles of daily life and learn to relax more and well.

Whatever you write and do, be wholesome.

More Information

Which microblogging platforms have become popular?

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What is popular may not always be right. But sometimes they do. Some content formats will do better on some platforms. Vlogs may work on Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Twitter. Microblogging with static visual content may work well on Pinterest, especially Instagram. With frequent bursts of ideas, Twitter (Is it still popular?) can be the most convenient one.

What is an interesting good niche for microblogging or social blogging?

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Polygon Runway Review Aesthetic 3D Blender Illustrations For Beginners

3D models – artists can come up with miniature or appealing cubed-in models that tells a story or express a vibe. It can be challenging to learn for beginners but a good professional 3D course may go a long way to help.

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