Is Twitter still popular and worth it?

Tweet Is Twitter still popular and worth it

Twitter has been around since 2006, about 2 years after Facebook. I am (@GoodPassive) by no means a super-viral or high-flying tweeter, nevertheless, I hope this short research and experience post may still benefit you the reader somehow.

Social Media Trend

If you look carefully, most are on the decline, but Twitter remains the same or slight uptrend.

According to statista, Twitter, in 2021 there are 77.75M users in the U.S. and followed by Japan with 58M.

For example, Good Passive is a relatively new site as of this writing and posted free tweets on the blog posts without posting in Facebook groups. There is also a newer Pinterest account.

MonsterInsights Referrals traffic

Free marketing with Twitter

Twitter favors fresh tweets. The thing about Twitter is that it is informal and endless reposting of the same tweet over an indefinite period of time is acceptable. So basically, one can possibly reach out to a fresh Twitter audience with every free tweet made.

Having a tweeting platform such as Typefully can certainly help to keep a record for easier tweeting again.

How much does a Twitter ad cost?

According to WebFX, each promoted tweet costs $0.5-$2 for each action and $2-4 for each follow on promoted accounts.

How to make a tweet go viral?

According to a RafflePress post, some viral strategies include hosting giveaways and telling a personal story. There are some tweet threads (when drafting a tweet, click the + icon to add another tweet and so on before Tweet all) going viral as well.

Example of a viral tweet thread

What are some free Twitter marketing tools?

Hypefury History

Personally, I like Typefully because it has a simple interface to just tweet, tweet thread, and also has a history of those tweets for duplication or copying. Typefully can also schedule a retweet 2 days later.

How to write a good tweet?

According to a Neal Schaffer post, some of the ways include including numbers and data, creating curiosity, and asking questions.

I am certainly not a Twitter expert but I noticed how some people are using popular tweet threads and recently did one with Typefully.

What is a tweet thread?

How to create a Tweet thread

Typefully has limited the number of tweets one can add to a tweet thread e.g. 5-7, but that is enough to wrap up in the last tweet pointing to a blog post.

Create Tweet thread in Typefully

One of the tweets in the Tweet thread got viewed 44 times.

Tweet stat

By no means this is a highly successful viral Tweet, but the point is getting more tweets out there with Tweet threads can potentially increase the number of Tweet views. That means more work in crafting your tweets.

Click Explore (Search magnifying glass icon at the bottom on mobile) and trending topics will turn up.

Twitter Explore Trending Topics

How many hashtags does Twitter recommend?

Twitter recommends 2 hashtags. However, Many viral or popular tweets do not even include a hashtag.

Is Twitter suitable for growing my blog or business?

There are a number of factors at play here. Viral tweets include those by famous people, attention-grabbing content like cats, short punch liners, and prolific writers. It does seem tweets work better for short content of limited words or continue in a thread style. While videos clearly may work well for YouTube, and visual content for Instagram and Pinterest.


It is interesting to note that Amazon has taken over Facebook in Google trend comparisons. That may translate to a better investment of time and work in the creation of Amazon products for potential sellers in the future.

Leveraging the power of Twitter threads and other ways to make tweets beneficial and interesting to others can be a way to build relationships and a Twitter audience. Tweeting does not have to be all just self-promotion, affiliate marketing, or how much sales and how you gained XX, XXX followers in X months (do not believe everything we see on the internet). Popular tweets tend to be those people believe have value in them in my opinion.

Twitter (which did not decline in terms of trending interest) can offer more and fast social media exposure that can be done anytime with tweets. Basically, it is free marketing for anyone willing to invest time in it.

Twitter does seem to be a popular social media microblogging platform that is not on a decline and it may be worth it in terms of reaching out and building up an audience if one spends time, even more than a few times each day, on it providing valuable content and opinions.

Google trends for social media and Amazon

Please find Good Passive on Twitter @GoodPassive.

As for popular marketing on a platform, Twitter can be a good fit for those who share short ideas frequently, video marketing for YouTube, and for visual images for Instagram.

Be socially wholesome.

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What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging social networking site.

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