4 Good & Popular Ways To Make Online Passive Income

4 Good Popular Ways To Make Online Passive Income

Knowing ourselves and matching with some popular ways to online passive income can be essential for successful long-term profits. We have to evaluate what we can and will do to create value in our capacity as opposed to just chasing one shiny object after another.

4 good & popular ways to make online passive income:
  1. YouTube
  2. Blogging
  3. Print-on-Demand (POD) products
  4. Amazon Kindle and KDP (POD) books


YouTube is a video platform that can garner explosive traffic views and generate a handsome online income. For fast monetizable traffic, there is probably none like YouTube out there, but your videos have to be interesting and useful enough to get a certain number of views or subscribers before Adsense can be enabled. Some good ideas include interesting and funny ones, cat relaxation, and tutorials.

Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera, but we can absolutely create successful YouTube channels without showing our faces. We may even create videos without a very expensive video production camera e.g. How To Use Keynote To Create A YouTube Video.


Blogging with advertisements is definitely a good and legitimate way to make a good income or side hustle. The question is what wholesome value can you create and offer that others are searching and looking for. To begin with, do not write anything harmful or ethically questionable. Avoid any niches that may be penalized later even if you do not care about your life consequences. It pays to be good.

Blogs can earn from advertisements. Other possible earnings also include selling courses and affiliate marketing. For beginners, a blog with some posts can start to apply and run Google Adsense. Once Google Adsense is approved, bloggers may also apply for Ezoic (my top advertising recommendation for starters).

Not sure what to write or blog about? Well, YouTube is a garden bed full of inspirational ideas and good content for your creative writing. Just be sure to filter out the better ones and play it at 2X can help you learn faster.

Print-on-Demand (POD) products

Print-on-demand is gaining fast popularity in recent years with many artists and art creators putting out their work online for free and creating to deliver a product only when a sale is made. The most popular product type may be T-shirts.

Amazon By Merch

The best of the lot can be Amazon by Merch. That is because of its large and professional marketplace platform. However, acceptance into its program is not guaranteed.

What if I am not accepted to Amazon by Merch?

We may apply again after we had improved our skills and portfolios. And we can put out our artwork on other free or paid online POD service platforms in the meantime.

What is a good and free alternative to Amazon by Merch?

Redbubble may be the next largest POD marketplace free for creators out there. Zazzle can also be considered for diversification purposes. Stickers are common on Redbubble.

What is a good paid alternative to Amazon by Merch?

Etsy with a POD service e.g Printify. Etsy started as a popular marketplace for hand-crafted products. But we can find POD and digital products for sale on Etsy now. The caveat is that we have to pay 20 cents per item listed for 4 months. Good selling products should not be a problem for ongoing renewals. Also, sellers can easily run ads within the platform for their products.

Amazon Kindle and KDP (POD) books

Amazon Kindle is perhaps the largest ebook marketplace out there, so traffic can be really top-notch for good books done right. KDP (Amazon Print-on-demand physical books) is also a very lucrative marketplace for book creators. Booksellers upload their book covers, and book interiors, and enter other relevant book details for review before publishing on the Amazon marketplace. Good selling books tend to be those with much effort and time invested to create a quality one, just like how you would want to purchase a good book yourself.

There are different types of books that we can produce. One of the easiest ones is notebooks and journals. However, notebooks without research and competitive edges e.g. keywords and outstanding covers, may not sell well or at all. To create low or no content books, Tangent Templates can be helpful. For keywords and categories, Publisher Rocket can help. Both are one-time payments. Like any others, these tools are only as good as the users who put in the time and effort to use them well, which brings us back to the main factor: Are you interested in creating no or low content books?

Tangent Templates Review: Worth It For KDP Books?
Images in Tangent Templates interior Designer
Images in Tangent Templates interior Designer

Which online passive income should I choose?

Go with the one that aligns with your interest for the consistency and longevity of your niche pursuit. It may be pointless to just follow someone’s advice because it worked for him or her. Why? Everyone has a different disposition, background, interest, strength, and weaknesses. What worked for him may not be for you. You probably know yourself better than someone else. Be wary not to fall for scams and greed baiters. Due diligence – verify the facts and consider wisely if you need another shiny object. For example, we can learn a lot of free and valuable tutorials on YouTube.

From another perspective, ask yourself: What wholesome income activity can I persist in? Will I give up quickly because I am not interested enough?

How to promote my products?

  1. Blog traffic. Place the products ads on your relevant blog posts.
  2. Run cost-effective ads e.g. Amazon Ads with a low bid cost.
  3. Design (e.g. with Canva) and post to social media accounts e.g. Let the word out on social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram


These 4 ways are definitely viable ways to create online passive income. Take, for example, some people earn thousands from a blog with a hundred posts or more. We can well imagine how much profits are generated from YouTube videos with millions of views or Amazon books that sell well. But these are not get-rich-quick schemes. They require hard work and lots of effort to reach there.

Knowing ourselves and which paths to take is important so we enjoy what we do for a consistent and productive experience. For example, artistic people will love designing T-shirts and book covers. Or they may produce videos or blogs depending on their resources.

Diversify to minimize risks of failure but do not spread yourself too thin. High expectations may not be practical. For example, a large niche blog can be a full-time activity, how else can we spend our time in various ventures? Planning may help but I would think choosing two different ways or niches can be a good balance for productivity and diversity.

Whether it is POD, books, video creation, or blogging, do not plagiarise or steal others’ content and artwork. There are people who got their Amazon KDP account banned for copyright infringement and all their previously published books were rendered useless on Amazon. Also, blogging sites will not be approved by Adsense for posting certain harmful niches content.

Be wholesome.

More information

Is affiliate marketing worth it for online passive income?

Many people promote affiliate marketing. Personally, this is one which I probably would not recommend to be your main niche though we may include relevant affiliate marketing links in our content. Putting too much effort into one particular product may seem risky and may be hard to produce much valuable content on it that you believe in.

Some popular companies with affiliate programs include Amazon Affiliate, Namecheap, Shareasale, Udemy, etc.

How to generate a QR code for marketing for free?

QR Code Generator. QR Codes may be inserted into books.

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