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Useful General Linux Commands, Apps, And Tips


This is by no means a comprehensive list of Linux commands but some that I would like to share with others and remind myself from time to time. 10+ Useful Linux Commands Useful Linux Apps Here are some useful apps…

Linux Mint Review And Basic Usage

Linux Mint Text Art

TL;DR: Linux Mint works. I have to say it is no wonder why it is ranked in the top 3 on DistroWatch. One thing Linux Mint did right is the Software Manager that searches and installs tons of apps with…

Easy Guide: Good Linux For Your Home & Business

Screen Shot 2022 03 20 at 8.09.38 PM

The old Mac Mini (Server edition) went unbootable after a power trip recently. This documents the journey for a good free OS that can be installed on a Mac Mini. This should work for any standard computer system as well.…

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