Useful General Linux Commands, Apps, And Tips


This is by no means a comprehensive list of Linux commands but some that I would like to share with others and remind myself from time to time. 10+ Useful Linux Commands Useful Linux Apps Here are some useful apps…

Linux Mint Review And Basic Usage

Linux Mint Text Art

TL;DR: Linux Mint works. I have to say it is no wonder why it is ranked in the top 3 on DistroWatch. One thing Linux Mint did right is the Software Manager that searches and installs tons of apps with…

How To Self-publish A Kindle Short (Quick Useful FAQ Steps)

Modern Ebook Formatting Guide

I recently published another short on Kindle. Self-publishing is not as straightforwardly simple as some would have liked. This guide is meant to shortcut the main technical publishing hurdles so authors can focus on writing good short reads. Why Kindle…

Free Learn GDScript From Zero Review

Free Learn GDScript From Zero Review

This review is based on the completion of the GDScript course, with a few exceptions where I have to use the solutions (more on that later). Some background: I am not new to programming but GDScript is to me, and…

How To Create Player On Platform With Godot (Free)

How To Create Player On Platform With Godot Free

Godot is a good and free open-source game engine that can be used for personal and commercial projects of any purpose, not just games. To illustrate the power of this game engine, let us build a simple game environment for…

Good Ways To Learn Godot Game Engine (Free & Paid)

Good Ways To Learn Godot Game Engine Free Paid

Following How To Choose A Game Engine For Educational Games, I am exploring and researching what are the ways or resources to learn the Godot game engine (increasingly popular). I found quite some that should compile nicely into a list…