Good Easy Text Wood Engraving Effect In Affinity Designer

Art In Wood 2 3D effect

This post is meant for Affinity Designerbeginners. Many of the photo effects on YouTube are done in Affinity Photo, but Affinity Designer can also be a powerful editor for some basic photos effect as well.

Good easy text wood engraving effect in Affinity Designer

  1. Import or select a good wood texture photo from Affinity Designer Stock photos
  2. Write some text with the Artistic Text Tool over the photo background
  3. Duplicate the photo background e.g. Select the photo layer and press CMD+j
  4. Drag one of the photo layers and put it under the text layer (it will appear indented)
  5. With the text layer selected, go to Effect tab (next to the layter tab), and enable Bevel/Emboss effect
  6. Explore Inner Shadow and Outline Effects as well (optional)
  7. Explore Bevel or Emboss Settings for Pillow (default), Emboss, Inner, and Outer types settings (optional)
  8. Explore another font, move the photo layer under the text layer, and finetune the text alignment and size (optional)

Note: These steps should also be applicable to textures other than wood.

Why learn how to engrave text in wood effect?

Wood engraving is a traditional form of printmaking. It has an elegant visual effect for viewers with a natural feel for nature.

Affinity Designer Stock Wood Photos
Artistic Text Tool
Put text over the photo background
Duplicate the background photo e.g. CMD+j
Drag one of the photo layers and put it under the text layer
With the text layer selected, go to Effects and enable Bevel / Emboss
Optionally, explore Inner Shadow and Outline Effects as well
Explore Bevel or Emboss Settings
Font change and align properly
Pillow type in Bevel/Emboss effect
Emboss type in Bevel/Emboss effect with some adjustments


We can perform easy and powerful transformations and create professional artwork with Affinity Designer. Dragging images under the text layer (indented) may enhance the visual value of the text.

Another example is the 3D effect when applied to the above artwork, it presents a different and smoother feel to the emboss text.

Art In Wood 3D effect

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