3 Ways To Accept Payments For Small Business Owners

3 Ways To Accept Payments For Small Business Owners

Accepting payments or digital e-commerce capability is essential for most or any online profitable businesses and individuals. The goal here is to recommend or remind what are some popular options out there, whether or not they are the best, but these are medium to large scale companies that are likely to continue providing stable financial services to the public.

3 ways to accept payments for small business owners

  1. Paypal
  2. Payoneer
  3. Wise

What are the advantages of these e-commerce or payment solutions for small business owners and individuals?

  • Low or no entry barrier e.g. no signup or registration fee
  • Easy to use
  • Popular


Paypal (founded in 1998) is a multinational financial technology that supports paying and accepting payments. Both free and business accounts are free to set up. It can link to your cards and bank account for withdrawal.

With PayPal Checkout, sellers can directly accept payment from buyers on the product page.


Payoneer, also free to sign up, is also another popular choice for digital payment and online money transfers services. It can connect and receive payments from services or selling platforms and link to your bank account for withdrawals. Payoneer also offers a Payoneer card with conditions.

Certain business platforms can link directly to Payoneer to deposit your earnings or profits.


Wise, formerly TransferWise, is a financial technology company that can send and receive online money transfers and is available for most countries in the world. Wise also offers its own debit card for international use. Wise may be cheaper when compared to other providers.

A major advantage or difference of Wise (non-bank payment provider) is that users may receive payments like a local in 10 currencies e.g. UK account number, US routing number, Euro IBAN, etc.

Certain financial platforms may support funding and withdraw to a local bank account. For example, a Wise user may accept payment from a service platform that supports U.S. ACH direct deposit.

You may receive money to your local bank account by clicking Recipient on the left sidebar and adding your own name and bank details for withdrawal to a local bank. Funding may also be conveniently performed with an online banking payment processor as well.

Is there a way to setup a free shop or store page easily to accept payment for small business owners?

Gumroad is an easy and fast creator platform to start selling that can link to Paypal.

Some of the benefits of Gumroad

  • Get start free and setting up a page is fast and easy
  • No monthly fees
  • Sell almost anyting (digital products, physical products, and memberships)
  • List products without listing fees
  • Users can have as many Gumroad accounts as they want
  • Pricing fee starts at 9% (2.9-9% + 30 cents per transaction or 7% + 2.5% Paypal fees for Paypal ) and deceases as sales milestones are achieved

Why Gumroad?

  • Payment processors such as Paypal and Payoneer may only offer payment solutions and do not have a free store page for sellers and creators
  • Creators do not need to spend money and time to launch and maintain a store site
  • Get paid via direct deposit or Paypal depending on the country
  • Option to add affiliates for your products

Gumroad can be a good and cost-effective platform for sellers who are willing to spend some time and energy marketing their products e.g. social media.


Please read here for what is not allowed on Gumroad.


Paypal is perhaps the most popular online payment provider, and it supports both personal and business payment models. It also offers a Paypal Checkout that accepts payments for individual products sales. Paypal links to your credit or debit card and your bank account for eligible withdrawals.

Payoneer works with certain companies that support Payoneer to receive payments and links to your bank account as well for your withdrawal.

Wise supports money transfers between individuals and may work for some businesses that accept and pay via Wise’s account numbers in various countries before you withdraw it out e.g. your local bank account or from the Wise debit card.

Gumroad has a strong millennial feel for its creator-centric platform. It can quickly and easily create your free store page to list products for sale.

Creators can list their products (or memberships) on Gumroad for free and then focus on marketing their products.

More Information

Both are free to sign up as well.


Whare are some popular free print-on-demand (POD) sites for small business owners and individuals?

  1. Redbubble (3.8)
  2. Zazzle (4.5)
  3. Teepublic (4.4)


Note: Listed in the order of site traffic. Artists should take a look at the respective site to get an idea of what is selling well for the style of artwork there compared to what he or she wants and can create before jumping onboard.

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