Save With 4 Reputable Hosting Cheap Renews

ave With 4 Reputable Hostings With Cheap Renews

Cheap Hosting Renews Criteria:

  1. Cheap including renewal rate i.e. less than five dollars
  2. Reputable companies
  3. WordPress
  4. Preferably with good features and support

Both and NameSilo fit the bill and renew at $2.99 as of this typing. If you are a publisher with ads, consider this free and professional WordPress hosting: How To Migrate & Host WordPress On Ezoic (Free & Easy)

4 Hostings With Cheap Renews


Hostinger’s support is prompt and helpful generally and the dashboard is smooth with features. Hostinger plans can be purchased from different countries and the pricing may differ after conversion when compared but they tend to be around a reasonable range. Rather than searching for the cheapest Hostinger country plan, perhaps it is more important to consider the support in your local spoken language and the ratings received at Trustpilot here.

Hostingert Basic Longest Term Plan

Note: Notice that the price renews at only $2.99 but it is only $1.39 for 4 years so that makes it much cheaper than the second runner-up NameSilo next.


NameSilo (governed by ICANN)is a transparent and reliable domain names registrar. Like their domain pricing, their hosting fee is a flat straightforward low monthly fee. Most hosting companies renew at a different rate, few offer a low flat rate from month to month. Moreover, their domain name registration service charge is fair over the years without hidden costs so it is hassle-free long-term hosting without subjecting customers to large price gap considerations and fluctuations. With NameSilo, it can be a complete and trustworthy solution for the domain names and hosting together. NameSilo also has a hight TrustPilot score of 4.8.

NameSilo Flat Fee at $2.99


Namecheap is also another popular registrar with hosting plans as well. Their shared hosting that renewed for 2 years is the cheapest of their plans per month. However, their WordPress hosting plan charges more.

NameCheap cheapest hosting plan for 2 years.

Please note that Namecheap will renew for another 2 years at $3.54 per month. offers a flat $4 monthly fee for their personal plan, however. the limitations listed include plugin installations and no ad revenue earning. personal plan

Why renewal price?

If a blog survives and manages to earn more than its operation costs, then cheaper monthly costs will be advantageous going forward. Those who expect their site to last for years and prefer not to deal with renewal fees or migration will be better off with reputable hosting companies or registrars offering flat low hosting fees.


What about iPage? What about Bluehost?

iPage ($1.99 per month and renews at $7.99) has been around for some time. However, like Bluehost, their renewal price will not be too close to the starting price.

Ipage plan
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