Good And Easy Doodles Art Course For Beginners & Experienced

Good And Easy Doodles Art Course For Beginners Experienced 2

A review of The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art. The course gets creative and fun pretty quickly and lets our imagination run wild with what we can draw. It is not concerned about accurate details and perfect dimensional proportions. It is easier to begin and progress in my humble opinion.

Like other Domestika courses, Matthias also shares what are some of the artistic influences he had with some inspirational images. He tends to also like a minimalistic art visual outlook. He also shares a glimpse of the numerous volumes of his sketchbooks. And when he shows us how he draws, the pen and techniques he uses are important to achieve a similar aesthetic doodling art feel.

A Domestika doodles art course

Even the beautifully detailed whole wall of doodles artwork as the instructor video background is inspiring and impressive, to say the least. I probably have never seen an art wall so elaborately decorated for a teaching background.

Benefits of The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art

  1. Doodling art can be done easily without long periods of drawing practice! Instant (or almost) gratification.
  2. The beauty of creative imperfections
  3. Easy to be creative and develop your own unique art style
  4. Proven with an impressive number of students’ artwork for inspiration
  5. Only basic materials are required to start, even with just a pencil and paper
  6. Very flexible timing to create doodle art, even while waiting in public places
  7. Suitable for both seniors, adults and teens, and even children
  8. Taught by an experienced doodling artist
  9. Affordable and lifetime access to keep repeating the course
  10. Good and clear instructions in video format
  11. Option to continue to the instructor’s second course
Mattias Adolfsson’s doodles art

The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art is not an overly self-evaluative and self-critical sketching process.

Simple doodles examples as inspired by The Art Of Sketching course

Art materials doodles assignment one #mattiasadolfssonxdomestika
Art materials doodle assignment two #mattiasadolfssonxdomestika

A simple doodles art for beginner’s progression. Please note these are from studying only 2 out of 6 units in the course. I benefited from re-watching how he drew. And for one who does not lift the pen too much, I am pretty contented with these results.

Why is Matthias Adolfsson’s doodling art style aesthetically appealing?

It looks fun at first glance and evident there is a lot of work put into the elaborate details for exploration and appreciation, much like a masterpiece of a treasure hunting book for an art lovers collection. It reminds me of visually captivating classic books that provided children with hours of joyful imaginative fun while learning e.g. Asterix and Tintin.

Mattias put out his first YouTube drawing video about 15 years ago! Below is the most popular video on his YouTube channel with 176K views.


Personally, I find doodling art to be more creatively interesting, fun, gratifying, and appealing than classical drawings.

The course can be a good one and easy to watch for learning, however like all other endeavors, it is really HOW MUCH thereafter we put this learning to practical use that matters.

With enthusiasm for doodle sketch ideas including characters and patterns, we can create doodle artwork for a variety of purposes e.g. free personal relaxation, art prints, POD products including shirts, books, marketing materials, and integrate with any form of illustrations.

Perhaps the best benefit of doddles art is that we get to create beautiful and satisfying artwork and value ourselves quickly with ease. I truly believe there are not many ways we can create value quite as fast and gratifying, even for beginners!

Be wholesome.

More Information

What about other doodles resources?

I tried some others including a book and YouTube/website. However, I could not quite connect with them, or yet. Perhaps I can now with the foundation of this course by Matthias Adolfsson. The doodling book is for kids, and if they can learn to doodle, why shouldn’t adults or seniors be able to?

Can we use an iPad to draw for The Art Of Sketching course?

I believe Masstias mentioned it is possible. Though I think the artwork will be quite different: The pens, watercolor, paper, and brushes will affect the outcome for an authentic doodling art feel.

What are some ways to draw?

3 Ways To Learn How To Draw, which also includes a recommended reviewed observational drawing course.

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