One Possible Quick Fix For A Non-Redirecting Subdomain Error

Quick fix for non redirecting sub domain

I was adding a new subdomain for redirecting for, following the instructions from a link shortener service – Rebrandly. So I added the records into the A type with the name go and the specified IP address.

Subdomain added on Cloudflare

However hours later, when I went to the, an error showed up stating somewhat an error on the host. I even added the go record at the domain name registrar and at the hosting company DNS editor but to no avail.

No, I do not think it is because I had not waited for the DNS propagation because the did not seem to reflect any changes at all. That error persisted even after I bought another new domain name later and the DNS records were propagated correctly. I highlighted the problem to Rebrandly and finally, one piece of helpful advice was given.

Indeed, when I set the SSL from Full to flexible on Cloudflare, the problem got solved, probably immediately or within an hour.

Cloudflare Flexible SSL

Depending on your level of comfort for site attacks, setting to flexible SSL may not be your preferred choice.

Rebrandly Subdomain setup finally works
Quick fix for non-redirecting sub-domain


I probably have spent more time than I preferred on SSL-related issues, but it can be a common one considering most or nearly all sites will use SSL to secure their sites anyway.

Flexible SSL may solve your subdomain redirection problem. If you are not technically inclined at all, then some paid hosting or sites services may offer integrated or additional add-ons such as Cloudflare.

More Information

How may I improve the security of my WordPress site?

Other than using a CDN like Cloudflare to protect your site, install popular WordPress Security Plugins such as WordFence and All In One WP Security & Firewall.

WordFence Plugin

How to test my website for possible problems?

Cloudflare diagnostics can be one way to easily test for various problems. For example, it may find out there are no DNSSEC records, and you may resolve it by enabling it under DNS for that domain.

How to find out why my website is so slow?

Test your site at and under the test, Top Issues will state what are causing the problems to your site’s slowness.

GTMetrix test for speed problems

Why is my site not redirecting from non-www to www?

Please check out 4 Ways To Redirect Or Troubleshoot Your Domain From Non-www To Www Or Www To Non-www for more information.

How long to keep 301 redirects?

If you implemented redirection (301 is recommended by Google), keep it for at least one year.

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